The University of Newcastle, Australia

Delivering the Digital 2020 Strategy

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Since Q3 2015, IT Services has been undergoing significant organisational change. These changes have sought to align the work of IT Services with the strategic goals of the New Futures Strategy, and the Digital 2020 Strategy.

Nat McGregor, Chief Operating Officer

The Chief Operating Officer Nat McGregor and Chief Information Officer Sanjay Kalra have agreed that further focus is required to ensure IT Services delivers on its Digital 2020 Strategy. With this in mind, a new UON Digital Future Team has been established to drive the planning and implementation of initiatives under the Strategy. From March to December 2016, Sanjay Kalra, together with the UON Digital Future team, will be working to achieve key innovation objectives that are integral to the future of IT at the University.

An Acting Deputy Director role of IT Services has been established until the end of 2016 to ensure all aspects of existing IT Services’ operational activities continue to be managed. The IT Services program of work will continue with no foreseeable impacts to current and planned projects as well as vendor/partner agreements. In consultation with the Chief Operating Officer, the CIO and new Acting Deputy Director will work together to ensure coordinated leadership of IT Services.

We look forward to realising the outcomes of our IT Strategy, particularly the considerable benefits that will flow to our students in the digital learning environment, and to our staff through more agile and efficient working solutions that will support collaboration across the University.

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