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The School of Education offers a vast range of teaching and research opportunities that contribute to the advancement of education at all levels. We take pride in our stimulating teaching and vigorous research to foster the development of our students and staff.

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Graduate Research

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See information on undertaking a PhD or Masters by Research that is specific to each research area within the School of Education. This includes available supervisors, research methodologies, current graduate research and how to apply.

Our Research

Our Research

Research is fundamental to the activities of the School of Education at the University of Newcastle. Research informs our teaching, underscores our commitment to high quality education at all levels and in all contexts, from early childhood to higher education, and connects us with the community and its aspirations. Ranked 92 in the world, from around 10,000 universities, the School prides itself on its commitment to impactful research.

Ed Outreach

Ed Outreach is an exciting dimension of the first year experience in our initial teacher education programs. Housed in five core courses, Ed Outreach community experiences are embedded as opportunities to extend the learning in the core courses. On selected days, students leave campus to visit the range of experiences offered for that semester and to chronicle the learning from that visit as part of an assessment task.

Teach Live

Teach Live enables students to practice teaching in front of a virtual reality space of selected student avatars. Students teach mini-lessons they plan as part of their courses to a live performing actor who role plays the lesson response through the avatar’s developmentally appropriate behaviours. Teach Live lessons allow pre-prac teaching experiences and provides wonderful learning about teaching inside the safety net of a simulator.

Teach Outreach

Teach Outreach is a volunteer placement program run by the School of Education. Schools, early childhood centres and community organisations can advertise an activity that would benefit from the support of volunteer teacher education students. The School of Education promotes the activity to students who can select an activity to best suit their development as a teacher.

International Profile

The School of Education is a vibrant global space with more than 150 international undergraduate, postgraduate and research students from 45 different countries. In addition, our local staff and students have a diverse range of international research and teaching interests.