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Monday, 9 September 2013

The University of Newcastle is leading the bid for a Wildlife Biodiversity Cooperative Research Centre

Threatened marsupial

The University of Newcastle is leading a Trans-Tasman consortium of 44 partners to bid for Federal Funding to establish a world-leading Cooperative Research Centre for Wildlife Biodiversity (Wildlife Biodiversity CRC).

The CRC will undertake urgent research to help save our threatened wildlife species improving wildlife biodiversity conservation efforts.

"Australian biodiversity is in crisis. Between 2000 and 2010, the number of threatened fauna in Australia rose by one hundred, from 332 to 432," said Bid Director, Professor John Rodger.

"The CRC bid brings together significant resources and the best expertise in Australasia. Program support combined with participants' cash and in-kind contributions will amount to more than $200 million for the creation of a world-leading multidisciplinary research centre."

Professor Rodger said the facility will integrate the sector's diverse end-users and the community to ensure that Australia's unique wildlife retains its diversity and its essential contribution to our existence.

The Wildlife Biodiversity CRC bid consortium includes 15 universities, 13 government agencies, 5 private industry organisations and 11 conservation or natural resource management organisations from Australia and New Zealand. 

This impressive collection of partner organisations gives the Wildlife Biodiversity CRC a comprehensive set of expertise ranging from Australia's and New Zealand's leading Environmental Scientists, Conservation Veterinarians, Biotechnologists, to Senior on-ground Natural Resource Managers from both state and private conservation agencies.

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