The University of Newcastle, Australia

Vale Pat Flowers

Friday, 11 July 2014

Pat Flowers, the wife of our first University Librarian Ted Flowers, sadly passed away on Saturday 5 July 2014.

Ted and Pat Flowers

Mrs Flowers was born in Newcastle on 10 December 1925. Pat and Ted Flowers' careers in librarianship flourished in the post World War 2 developments of the Australian universities, when higher education moved from state control to the commonwealth.

Mrs Flowers was employed as a library assistant in Newcastle Technical College Library in 1943, becoming Librarian-in-Charge in 1947. As the University of Newcastle began its life as a university college of the University of New South Wales in 1949, Mrs Flowers was appointed University College Librarian, as well as Technical College Librarian.

In August 1948, Ted Flowers, a library assistant in Public Library of NSW in Sydney, was transferred to Newcastle Technical College Library, and they married in December, 1954. Following a pause in her career to raise her children Karl, Rana and Lisa - Mrs Flowers was appointed to run the Newcastle Conservatorium of Music Library in 1970, a position she held until she retired in 1982.

Mrs Flowers was actively involved in the local Library Association and in community issues especially environmental matters and her contribution to her community was recognised by the NSW Government's Community Service Award, the Commonwealth of Australia Centenary Medal and the City of Newcastle's Newcastle Medal.

Another major benefactor of Mrs Flowers' enthusiasm and generosity has been the Friends of the University. She has served as assistant secretary, Convener of the University Book Fair and was Rare Books Auction organiser from 1984-2007. She was appointed Honorary Life Member 1 of the Friends of the University in 2007. Mrs Flowers was also awarded the University of Newcastle Exceptional Service Medal.

Mrs Flowers' contribution to our University and to the Newcastle community is warmly remembered, and our heartfelt condolences go to Ted and family during this sad time.