The University of Newcastle, Australia

University of Newcastle launches new brand: The World Needs New

Monday, 15 May 2017

The World Needs New, and New Needs You; two powerful messages unveiled today as part of the University of Newcastle’s (UON) new brand.

Brand launch

Vice-Chancellor, Professor Caroline McMillen, said now, more than ever, the world needed new thinking, new ideas, and new approaches to tackle global problems.

“Our University is focused on driving innovative approaches to education and research that deliver benefits across our regions and worldwide. We have academics who are global leaders in their fields, we have graduates who lead change in their professional fields across the world, we are recognised for degrees which give our students an ‘edge’, and, our international rankings place us among the world’s best universities.

The new brand reflects on these achievements, builds ownership and pride for our communities, and of course, plays on the word “new” alongside our name, the University of Newcastle,” said Professor McMillen.

The World Needs New campaign, created by independent creative company Special Group, showcases research across all disciplines, including work from UON research leaders such as:

  • Professor Behdad Moghtaderi and his multi-disciplinary team who are working on the conversion of methane gases and writing a new chapter in the fight against global warming;
  • Dr Amy Maguire who through her research advocates for the collective human rights of people displaced by climate change;
  • Professor Ravi Naidu and his team who are on a mission to remove the 250 gigatons of life-threatening contaminants polluting the world’s soil, air and water; and
  • Professor Paul Dastoor and his team who have developed a printable saliva-based test of glucose levels for diabetics – a method which could potentially make blood tests a thing of the past.

New Needs You invites prospective students to explore study opportunities at UON that prepare them for a future in which they can make a difference.

“Our students are passionate about using their knowledge, work experience and entrepreneurship to bring about positive change in the world. Our new brand highlights why UON is a place where new begins,” said Professor McMillen.

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