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Student’s drone delivery video makes a real splash

Friday, 27 May 2016

Matt Evans thought it’d be a laugh to deliver a few coffees and donuts to surfers on Crescent Heads. He didn’t realise it would become a social media sensation.

When Matt uploaded a one minute video of a drone delivery of two coffees, two donuts and a caramel tart to a bunch of surfers hanging outside the swell to his Facebook page, Matt was stunned to see how quickly the views rose.

A little over 48 hours after he posted it, the video had racked up over 60 000 views and climbing.

“It’s gone crazy,” Matt said. “Because I do wedding videos I was expecting it to get around 2000 – 3000 views. Within the first hour it picked up a lot quicker than others had and it just kept climbing."

The third year Bachelor of Communication student only bought his drone in March so it’s impressive that he’s not only using it to capture glorious footage but to deliver a caffeine hit to surfers who are more used to catching waves than donuts.

A day that Matt had set aside for working on his major project was dashed when media outlets saw the rapidly climbing views of his Facebook video.

A radio interview, TV interview and newspaper interview followed…

On March 1 Matt posted his first drone footage of beaches of his hometown at the Central Coast on his facebook page. “I’d wanted to buy a drone for about a year, my first footage shot with the Phantom 3 made it all worthwhile.

Matt's already had media success with his videos. Six months ago Matt’s short “Before the Camera Goes Click” a study of film-maker and photographer Matthew Vandeputte was featured on ABC Open and broadcast to an international audience on the web.

And in case you’re wondering – the drone delivered a plastic bag to the surfers and then took away all the rubbish afterwards.

Watch the video here.

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