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Friday, 13 September 2013

Father of solar paint offers hope of free household electricity

Professor Paul Dastoor

World-renowned physicist, Professor Paul Dastoor, says Australia is on the threshold of free household power, with his development of an energy system based on solar cells that can be printed - and ultimately painted - onto surfaces like roofs, walls, or even windows. He will share his ground breaking research at the inaugural Design, Interactive Technology and Greentech (DiG) Festival in Newcastle this October 2-5.

Professor Dastoor, who is based at the University of Newcastle, likens the basic construction of the solar sheeting - a metal coating on a plastic substrate with coloured ink printed on it - to that of a simple chip packet.

"And we make chip packets so cheaply that we throw them away when we are finished with them," says Professor Dastoor.

"This gives you an indication of how inexpensively we could manufacture this product."

"Our research indicates that a roll of this sheeting on a typical-sized roof of about 150 square metres will provide enough electricity for an average household," he says.

Professor Dastoor is a key speaker at the DiG Festival, which is a showpiece for Australia's transition to a technologically smart and clean economy. Dastoor's technology may open up the prospect of a new renewable energy industry for Newcastle."What we will be able to offer is low-cost, environmentally sustainable technology, being developed right here at the University of Newcastle, that could help this region and Australia make the transition to a more diverse, progressive economy," says Professor Dastoor.

Visit the DiG Festival website for the full conference program.

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