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Skye's the limit for travelling art scholarship winner

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Up and coming artist Skye Jacobson, from Balcolyn, has been named the 2013 winner of the Jennie Thomas Travelling Art Scholarship, one of the most hotly contested scholarships at the University of Newcastle.

Skye Jacobson and Jennie Thomas

Skye was announced the winner at the launch of a special exhibition at the University Gallery of the artworks of the previous Jennie Thomas Scholarship recipients of the past decade.

The scholarship is one of several supported by philanthropist Mrs Jennie Thomas AM. It provides Fine Art students with the opportunity to travel to give them inspiration for their Honours year of study.

Mrs Thomas said the scholarship was intended to give budding artists the chance to spend some time in a creative location, so they can learn from their new surroundings and give them access to the world of art.

"I look forward to witnessing the results of their newfound knowledge and skills," Mrs Thomas said.

Skye, who specialises in the mediums of printmaking and drawing, plans to use the scholarship to travel to Berlin, Germany, to further her skills and inspire her artistically.

"An exciting new development in my recent work is the integration of sonnets, poetry and literature into my artistic practice," Skye said.

"Intellectual collaboration with other fields of the creative arts is integral and travelling is something that will complement this."

University of Newcastle Foundation Acting CEO Libby Rodgers-McPhee said that Jennie's generosity appeared to be boundless.

"Jennie has donated to many scholarships at the University and the outcomes of her generosity continue to make positive, life-changing differences for those students," Ms. Rodgers-McPhee said.

Some of Jennie's past scholars have gone on to forge very successful careers in the art world including Shan Turner-Carroll, who was recently announced the winner of the $35,000 Dr Harold Schenberg Art Prize and Alexia Sinclair, who won the Harpers BAZAAR and Canon fashion photography award and has been a finalist in the National Photographic Portrait Prize.

A website featuring the works of the Jennie Thomas Scholars has also been set up to profile their ongoing attainments, nationally and internationally. (

The exhibition of past scholarship winners and current finalists will run at the University Gallery from 29 May to 2 June.

About the University of Newcastle Foundation: The Foundation is the fundraising arm of the University of Newcastle. Donations to the University help fund student scholarships and prizes, research, community projects and academic positions.

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