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Schools Visit Day serves up a taster of University life

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

More than 2000 high school students from across the state experienced ‘a day in the life’ of a University student today, as the annual Schools Visit Day took place across Callaghan campus.

Newcastle High School careers advisor Amanda Hine (L) and year 12 student Asha McNeill (R) enjoy Schools Visit Day

A key opportunity for prospective students to gain a deeper understanding of the transition to university, Schools Visit Day is a chance to attend lectures, take part in hands-on activities and enjoy campus life.

Attending for the first time, Newcastle High School Year 12 student, Asha McNeill, said the day had been a fantastic insight and solidified her desire to pursue university.

“It’s so nice being out and about on campus getting a feel for what my day here might look like,” she said.

“Hearing from the professors has been really great to gain an understanding about what’s actually involved in study and the career opportunities down the track.”

With a passion for helping others and an interest in our global future, Asha had identified what she was most looking forward to ahead of even stepping foot on campus.

“I started looking through pamphlets a while ago and I’m really interested in the Bachelor of Development Studies,” she said.

“It seems like a great degree which gathers my interest in developing stronger economies and pulling people out of poverty into one. Eventually, I’d love to work for a not-for-profit or even the UN.”

Newcastle High School Careers Advisor, Amanda Hine, said Schools Visit Day always came around at a critical time of year.

“We’ve been coming for about six years now and find it really beneficial for senior students to help them make future decisions about the courses on offer,” she said.

“It’s a crucial time when students are making choices about what courses interest them. Here, they get a real sense of knowing what’s involved with each course and they can make informed decisions about their future.

“It’s such a welcoming environment and one which showcases all the latest and greatest in courses, facilities, technology and research happening in each Faculty. I’ve found over the year it’s really helped students with their direction.”

Any schools interested in being involved in future events should contact the University of Newcastle on

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