The University of Newcastle, Australia

Prestigious pharmacology fellowship awarded

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Professor Geoff Isbister, is one of 44 international researchers awarded a Fellowship to the British Pharmacological Society.

Geoff is a clinician researcher in clinical toxicology whose research has focussed on understanding poisoning and envenoming in patients.

He heads the Clinical Toxicology Research Group at the University of Newcastle and much of Geoff’s research challenges long-held views about the treatment of poisoned and envenomed patients – including whether antivenom works.

Members of the British Pharmacological Society are awarded the title of Fellow after demonstrating distinction and peer recognition in pharmacology.

Fellows have made a substantial contribution to pharmacology and the society through their work and publications.

The Society was founded in 1931 in Oxford by a group of 20 pharmacologists to promote and encourage research in the field of pharmacology.

Geoff is the Australasian Editor of British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, a publication launched in 1946 after a merge with the 1909 Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics.

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