The University of Newcastle, Australia

Port Macquarie graduates commence their next chapter

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

More than 80 proud students across education, midwifery and nursing will celebrate the completion of their studies at the University of Newcastle’s Port Macquarie graduation ceremony today.


As graduates from one of the world’s top 1% universities, these professionals will enter their careers with the confidence of having obtained a qualification from a world-class institution.

Two such graduates include Jack Wilson and Kyra Fuller, who are set to make their mark in the region as they take up exciting new roles in teaching and health.

Overcoming a debilitating illness whilst studying a Bachelor of Midwifery, Kyra persevered with her studies and will commence a New Graduate position at Port Macquarie Base Hospital this year.

“I developed Bechets Disease during my first semester shortly after falling pregnant. My condition left me hospitalised for weeks at a time and unable to study in a full-time capacity. With the support of my family, peers and staff, I’m now lucky enough to be graduating and couldn’t imagine doing anything else with my life,” she said.

On his way to fulfilling his passion for teaching, Jack will be applying the skills he learnt throughout his Bachelor of Education to a classroom of primary children at Lake Cathie this term, whilst also undertaking a Master of Teaching.

“My studies have given me the confidence to handle whatever challenges may be thrown at me. I’ve always loved the school setting and the exploration of learning, so I’m excited to pass that on to the students I may teach,” he said.

The University’s Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Caroline McMillen, congratulated this year’s cohort and said they have the advantage of graduating from one of Australia’s premier universities and an education which will prepare them for success in the next exciting chapter of their lives.

“Our graduates make outstanding contributions to our communities and regions across the world and it is with great confidence and pride that we celebrate the culmination of their studies and their entry into the workforce. On graduating they are sought after for employment and become part of our remarkable global alumni network,” Professor Caroline McMillen said.

This year’s ceremony will host three PhD students, nine postgraduate students, three Open Foundation pathways students and 69 undergraduate students.

The graduation ceremony will take place on Wednesday 14 February from 1pm at the Glasshouse Arts, Conference and Entertainment Centre in Port Macquarie.

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