The University of Newcastle, Australia

National Research Administrator Day at UON

Friday, 23 September 2016

Teams of research administrators working across Research and Innovation at the University of Newcastle were honoured for their hard-work and enthusiasm at a morning tea at NIER.

Around 30 staff chatted over coffee and cake at this morning tea held in conjunction with other events nationally.

National Research Administrator Day is an initiative to recognise contributions made to research enterprise by research administrators.

Team members from the Animal Services Unit, Grants team, Research Compliance, Integrity and Policy Unit, NIER and Newcastle Innovation staff members, the Office of Graduate Studies,  Research Services Executive Team, the Office of DVC(R&I) and Faculty Research Support staff.

UON Research and Innovation Director Lyn McBriarty spoke to the group and highlighted the importance of stopping to reflect on the importance of the work that research administrators do. “National Research Administrator Day was initiated by the National Council of University Research Administrators, a sister association of ARMS, to ensure one day is dedicated to reflect upon the important contributions made by Research Administrators and Managers to the national research and innovation system. This day has international recognition and is observed annually in September”.

The team also took the opportunity to raise funds for a research charity of our choice. We chose the Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI) and the team generously donated to this very worthy local cause.

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