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Twin sisters double up on communication degrees

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Sharing the occasional hobby or toy with a sibling growing up is quite normal, but twin sisters graduating from the University of Newcastle (UON) this week grew up sharing a love of art along with 100 per cent of their DNA.

Hannah and Emily Jordan

Emily and Hannah Jordan developed an interest in art from a young age due to their parents’ creative backgrounds, which grew into a penchant for film and lead them both to study a Bachelor of Communication at UON.

Despite going into separate rooms to choose their subjects and majors, they both came out with the same result.

“At every instance we’ve always understood we are individuals and have lived independently, but our choices often turn out to be similar. We picked our degrees separately, but ended up settling on a Media Production major as it blended our interests in storytelling and art really well,” explained Emily.

Being part of a permanent team has its advantages. Emily and Hannah admit to cashing in on the two for one discount and only bought one textbook between them throughout their degree, instead marking their notes with separate coloured highlighters.

“We’re more supportive of each other than competitive and we like working together a lot. Having each other to bounce ideas off works really well as we share the same interests and have the same standard,” said Hannah.

Both will be graduating with distinctions and were only separated by a mark or two in assessments throughout their coursework. Due to such a positive experience in their undergraduate degree and encouragement from some of their teachers, Emily and Hannah have decided to undertake Honours.

“We wanted to do something that tested our abilities. It’s challenging but has made us consider more complex filmmaking ideas and we’ll have something to show at the end of it,” said Hannah.

Drawing inspiration from their favourite Japanese animation powerhouse, Studio Ghibli, Emily and Hannah will be creating their own stop motion animation film, which involves painstakingly moving objects slightly and filming frame-by-frame to stitch together.

“Stop motion allows us to control and create every aspect of the frame. We’ve converted the back shed into a makeshift studio and working on the film is really just like an extension of our childhood when we would play with our dolls and put on plays,” said Hannah.

“We would love to work in any field after we graduate that lets us explore our appreciation for the imaginative and slightly ridiculous,” added Emily.

Emily and Hannah will attend the graduation ceremony being held on Friday 21 April at 6pm in the Great Hall, Callaghan campus.

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