Leapfrogging extinction

Monday, 12 August 2013

Spotlight on our scientists 'Leapfrogging extinction'

LeapfroggingAs part of National Science Week, the University of Newcastle is shining a spotlight on the diverse science achievements of its world-leading researchers. 

Our amphibian scientists, Professor Michael Mahony, father and son, Dr John Clulow and Simon Clulow, received worldwide attention as part of a national team that resurrected living embryos from an extinct gastric-brooding frog using cloning techniques.

The University of Newcastle research team which also included Bianca Lawson, were also the first to successfully cryo-preserve amphibian embryonic cells.

These significant breakthroughs will provide an insurance policy for the more than 200 species of frogs currently facing extinction. It also has implications for many other species of fish and amphibians around the world.

The University of Newcastle has a reputation for research excellence across all areas of science and is home to some of the finest research minds.

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