The University of Newcastle, Australia

Important Quit-Smoking Research funded

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Associate Professor Gillian Gould has been awarded a $100 000 through the Priority-driven Collaborative Cancer Research Scheme.

Co-funded by Cancer Australia and Cure Cancer Australia, the study will assess what types of behavioural counselling are used to help Indigenous Australian pregnant women quit smoking.

The study is situated within the Indigenous Counselling and Nicotine (ICAN) Quit in Pregnancy trial tests for smoking cessation training for health providers at Aboriginal Medical Services (AMS).

Gillian said that the funding will help her team examine whether culturally-appropriate training helps providers use evidence-based behaviour change techniques to help pregnant women quit, compared to using their standard model of care.

“I am delighted to receive this award which will give us high quality information about what type of quit smoking care really works,” Gillian said.

“It will give us real-time understanding about how health providers counsel Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander pregnant women to help them quit. The grant will help us strengthen our approaches when we scale up the project and offer it to a broader group across Australia.”

The project: “Assessing Behaviour Change Techniques for Indigenous Pregnant Smokers attending Aboriginal Medical Services – a nested study in a cluster Randomised Controlled Trial” is set to roll out in 2017.

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