The University of Newcastle, Australia

Environmental and Life Sciences Trio Win HMRI Photography Prize

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Congratulations to PhD (Environmental Remediation) candidate, Chamila Samarasinghe, PhD (Biological Sciences) candidate, Sally Hall, and Research Assistant in the School of Environmental and Life Sciences, Natalie Trigg, who were recently announced winners of the 2016 HMRI Thru The Lens Photography Prize.

Chamila and Natalie’s "Ciliated Blue Dot" (pictured) won the Laboratory category and captured a nuclear-stained earthworm sperm attached to the pellicle of the Monocystis trophozoite, a parasite living in seminal vesicle of earthworms.

"Ciliated Blue Dot" by Chamila Samarasinghe and Natalie Trigg

Chamila, Sally and Natalie’s “The Spermy Night” (pictured) captured seminal vesicles of earthworm filled with sperm morulae (developing spermatocytes and spermatids) and flagellated whirl-like mature spermatozoa, and secured the Public Vote category.

“The Spermy Night” by Chamila Samarasinghe, Sally Hall and Natalie Trigg

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