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DiG Festival

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The University of Newcastle is a Platinum Sponsor and Official Innovation Partner of the inaugural 2013 Design, Interactive Technology & Greentech (DiG) Festival, to be held in Newcastle from 3-4 October 2013.

DiG Festival

The University of Newcastle is providing leading international commentators and thinkers in the areas of interactive education, sustainable transport, robotics, solar paint, and interactive public art as part of the outstanding line up of speakers at the inaugural DiG Festival.

As part of DiG Festival's objective to transition Australia to a technologically smart and clean economy, University of Newcastle experts will showcase the most advanced thinking available.

Jeff Julian will also be special guest speaker at DiG Festival where he will talk about how the Clusters will serve as a one-stop shop for business and the community to access the University's world-leading expertise across a spectrum of new creative industries.

Visionary biophysicist, Dr Gary Ellem, from the Tom Farrell Institute at the University of Newcastle, will showcase the latest global research into sustainable transport solutions, including a ground breaking concept to prevent the leakage of $12 billion annually in importation costs associated with the purchase and operation of private passenger vehicles in NSW.

Professor Liz Burd, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching) at the University of Newcastle, will explore how technology influences education and vice versa, the impacts of equal access to technology and how people work together to harness technology for education.

World-renowned physicist, Professor Paul Dastoor, will profile his research into free household power with his development of an energy system based on solar cells that can be printed - and ultimately painted - onto surfaces like roofs, walls, or even windows.

University of Newcastle speakers announced to date are:

Oct 3 – Thursday

9.30am - Tom Chen - The rise of co-creative consumers

12 noon – Gary Ellam – Can we kill the electric car … for something better?

2.00pm – Paul Dastoor – Painting the Town Solar3.30pm – Tristan Perez –

Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles – Challenges and Innovation

4.00pm - Jeff Julian - Vision for the future of design and the development of a design hub in the Hunter

Oct 4 – Friday

10am – Liz Burd – Technology Enhanced Learning

1.30pm – Mario Minichiello & Chris Tucker – Dead Centre of Town: The Story behind City Evolutions

University of Newcastle students qualify for a 75% discount off the ticket price of the event.

"The University of Newcastle support has also enabled us to release special student pricing for the two day event, which will make it accessible and affordable for some of the region's brightest young minds," said DiG Festival organiser Craig Wilson.

The student rate is $99, a discount of $300 off the $399 adult rate for the two-day event.

Visit the festival website to view the full conference program and purchase tickets.

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