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Thursday, 12 September 2013

DiG Festival secures esteemed technology and learning expert

Professor Liz Burd

With research that has the potential to substantially transform education on a global scale, Professor Liz Burd, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching) at the University of Newcastle is an exciting addition to the DiG Festival program. Her talk will address

how technology influences education and vice versa, the impacts of equal access to technology and how people work together to harness technology for education.

"The essence of my research is fair and equal access, and the technology we are developing at the University of Newcastle is the first of its kind," said Professor Burd.

Professor Burd joins leading commentators and thinkers in the technology and innovation space and will bring valuable understanding of research collaborating with industry to the conference program.

Having worked with global technology groups including IBM, Microsoft, British Telecommunication, BAe and Logica, Professor Burd has won many awards for her work and developed networked multi-touch tables style technology for use in classrooms. The technology makes it possible for teachers to monitor the work of students and offer help or set more challenging problems depending on progress.

"Interactive white boards, which are now quite prevalent in schools are a step in the right direction, however these are typically controlled by the teacher. In achieving an interactive environment, the interaction needs to involve the students," said professor Burd.

Professor Burd holds a Bachelor of Education (Hons), a Masters in Science (Human Interaction) and PhDs in Risk and Software Maintenance.

Visit the DiG Festival website for the full conference program.

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