The University of Newcastle, Australia

Autonomy Day celebrates UON’s proud history

Friday, 8 August 2014

Today the University of Newcastle (UON) celebrates the most significant event on its calendar - Autonomy Day.

Autonomy Day 2014

The annual celebration marks the declaration of UON as autonomous from its antecedent institution, the University of NSW, on January 1 1965 as decreed by the Governor of NSW, Sir Eric Winslow Woodward. Since that day, students have saluted UON's independence during Semester 2.

The 2014 Festival of Autonomy (4-8 August)  celebrations have included rekindling the UNSW/UON rivalry with a campus sports and gala day, an exhibition of images from the archives in the Auchmuty Library and other events and entertainment around campus during the week.

UON is proud of its progression, from humble beginnings as a locally-focused institution, to one that is truly global in its outlook.

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