The University of Newcastle, Australia

NHMRC Grant Success for Psychology

Thursday, 26 September 2019

Professors Frini Karayanidis and Michael Breakspear from the School of Psychology are two UON researchers in a research team awarded a $1,234,800 NHMRC grant boosting dementia research.

Living your best day – Optimising activity and diet compositions for dementia prevention.

The research team, including colleagues from UniSA, and Professor Clare Collins the Faculty of Health and Medicine will explore the way people use their time and how what they eat impacts their health and future dementia risk. They will translate these research findings into a useable tool which they have identified is currently lacking

By using a multi-site longitudinal cohort they will demonstrate for the first time how changes in 24-hour time-use and dietary compositions influence cognition and objective measures of brain health longitudinally. They will be then able to rapidly translate knowledge gained into a usable and customisable tool that could be used in primary care settings and by older adults for dementia prevention.

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