The University of Newcastle, Australia
Laureate Professor Paul Foster

News • 3 Sep 2019

Fellowship awarded to respiratory leader

Laureate Professor Paul Foster has been awarded the title of Fellow of the American Thoracic Society, (ATSF) for his commitment to respiratory health research.

Alumnus Chrystal Moore

News • 3 Sep 2019

Scholarship Recipient Making Headlines for Science Research

Alumnus Chrystal Moore (Bachelor of Communication and Media Studies, 2016) is a Shaping Futures Scholarship recipient now making a difference in her dream job.

Three Minute Thesis contestant

News • 20 Aug 2019

The next wave of research stars in the limelight

With thousands of hours of research condensed into just three minutes, 15 bright and determined postgraduate students will take the stage at The Conservatorium on Friday (23 August) to compete in the Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition.

Acinetobacter baumannii, which uses a protein called Acel to resist hospital-grade antiseptic chlorhexidine. Credit: CDC

News • 13 Aug 2019

Antiseptic resistance in bacteria could lead to next-gen plastics

Australian-UK researchers identify ancient protein pumps that make bacteria tough to treat – but could be key to new green polymers

News • 9 Aug 2019

Marine heatwaves a bigger threat to coral reefs than previously thought, scientists find

Marine heatwaves are a much bigger threat to coral reefs than previously thought, research revealing a previously unrecognised impact of climate change on coral reefs has shown.

News • 23 Jul 2019

ExperimentFest 2019

ExperimentFest 2019 welcomed over 1300 students from the Hunter and surrounding areas to spend a session working in labs with Faculty of Science academics and technical officers.

News • 23 Jul 2019

Improving Equity in Science Degrees

Academics from across Australia gathered at the University of Newcastle to discuss how to improve equity in science degrees at the 2019 Australian Council of Deans of Science Teaching and Learning Leaders Conference

Film Still

News • 10 Jul 2019

National Priority Pool funded research to investigate student perspectives on success

The University of Newcastle has been awarded a second grant in the latest Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program National Priorities Pool (HEPPP NPP) scheme.

Dr Thava Palanisami

News • 12 Jun 2019

Plastic ingestion by people could be equating to a credit card a week

A new study finds on average people could be ingesting approximately 5 grams of plastic every week, which is the equivalent weight of a credit card.

News • 20 May 2019

“Ready-Set-Grow” Pollinations and fertilization Activate genes for nutrient delivery for fruit set

Flower plants rely on pollination and fertilization to set seed and fruit, key products of most crops. It remains mysterious as how the molecular machinery is switched on upon pollination to deliver a massive amount of nutrients required for the impending seed and fruit formation. To address this question, an international visiting PhD student, now Dr Shen Si, from China Agricultural University spent two years in ACRCCI to research this topic under the supervision of Prof Yong-Ling Ruan

News • 1 May 2019

How do seeds sense warm weather?

Through international collaboration with partner groups of ACRCCI, Zhejinag University and Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Yong-Ling Ruan and colleagues have identified a mitochondrial heat shock protein that activates seed germination via thermal sensing.

News • 10 May 2019

Religious diversity key to social cohesion despite short-term challenges

While changes to religious diversity may lead to a short-term friction within communities, long term benefits are clear as society adjusts to multiculturalism, new research has shown.