The University of Newcastle, Australia
MGA Thermal team

News • 7 Aug 2020

Materials scientist and founder shares his story of driving renewable energy uptake

Professor Erich Kisi shares his innovation journey as co-founder of renewable energy storage company MGA Thermal at I2N's Startup Stories

House in Fiji in cyclone

Featured story • 21 Jul 2020

New tropical cyclone outlook model has potential to save lives in the Pacific

People in Fiji, New Zealand, Solomon Islands, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, Tonga and other island nations in the Southwest Pacific will have months more to prepare for tropical cyclones, thanks to a new outlook model published today in Scientific Reports.

Light display

Featured story • 11 Jul 2020

Public Debut for Printed Solar

A futuristic demonstration of emerging renewable energy material – printed solar cells, is being trialled in a public setting for the first time as it nears commercial readiness.

Portrait of Professor Jenny Bowman

News • 3 Jul 2020

NHMRC funding set to address inequity faced by people with mental health conditions

Building the capacity of community mental health services to provide preventive care to people with a mental health condition will be the focus of a three-year project led by researchers at the University of Newcastle.

DVC(A) Merit List for Learning and Teaching

News • 2 Jul 2020

Faculty of Science academics shine in inaugural Merit List awards

Reinforcing the Faculty of Science commitment to providing an exceptional student experience, three Faculty Program Convenors have been recognised in a new award created as part of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) Merit List program.

Christchurch, New Zealand

News • 26 Jun 2020

Let’s fix Australia’s environment with any pandemic recovery aid – the Kiwis are doing it

New Zealand is pumping millions of dollars into environment projects as part of its COVID-19 recovery. Lachlan G. Howell, Associate Professor John Clulow, Emeritus Professor John Rodger, and Dr Ryan R. Witt, from the Faculty of Science say Australia's recovery plan seems more destructive than reconstructive.

Jenna and friends in before a celebration at the Australian High Commission during her IndoGenius trip in Delhi

News • 19 Jun 2020

What can I do with a Development Studies degree? Empower communities at a human services agency

Wondering where a Bachelor of Development Studies can take you? Meet Jenna, who traveled extensively while studying and has since used her degree to empower local Western Australian communities to enable individual, family and community wellbeing.

Woman pouring glass of wine

News • 17 Jun 2020

Women more likely to drink alcohol than men during coronavirus lock down

Dr Sally Hunt from the Faculty of Science has been featured on the ABC explaining why research shows women were more likely to drink alcohol than men during the coronavirus lockdown

Design Nuts

News • 16 Jun 2020

Edtech founder shares her story of empowering teachers and students

Kylie Burrett shares her startup journey as co-founder of edtech company Design Nuts at I2N's Startup Stories

Professor Yong-Ling Ruan looking at some plants

News • 16 Jun 2020

Roadmap laid out for next generation of crops for high productivity and resilience to climate change

A roadmap to engineer or breed the next generation of crops for high productivity and resilience to climate change has been laid out by a team of world experts.

Lisa Butson

News • 15 Jun 2020

What can I do with...a Development Studies degree? Shape Government policy

Wondering where a Bachelor of Development Studies can take you? Meet Lisa, a self-confessed “Politics Nerd”, who has used her degree to tackle several roles in Parliament House.

Hatched turtle

News • 5 Jun 2020

What’s blue and in trouble? World Oceans Day 2020

It provides over half of the world’s oxygen, it’s the primary source of food for more than a billion people, home to the greatest abundance of life on our planet… and it’s in serious trouble. You guessed it, it’s the big blue.