Friday, 2 August 2019

HMRI houses a MAGNETOM Prisma which is a unique and powerful 3T MRI system coupled with the finest MRI technology.   In comparison to other MRI machines in NSW, it has a higher gradient strength that enables us to perform high end imaging techniques and with high resolution.

As a University of Newcastle supported research and clinical MR machine, we are also able to tap into the latest research tools, particularly in the area of MRSI (Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Imaging) and multinuclear capabilities (phosphorus, carbon and sodium) which sets us apart. An additional Siemens workstation for viewing/post processing as well as specialised processing software e.g. LCModel and FSL, are also available. Additionally, under our Master Research Agreement with Siemens, third party codes can be installed on the scanner to  test advanced imaging sequences (e.g. customer-to-peer and locally developed codes), a feature that is not widely available in the country. Expert advice from the Imaging Centre’s Radiologist, Radiographers and Facility Manager is readily available.

The HMRI Imaging Centre is available to any researcher with safety approval from UON, ethics approval from UON or Hunter New England Health and funds to cover scanning costs. The Centre currently offers one-hour scans starting at a cost of $660.

Recently we were able to help Adam Stern, the 8 times Australian free diving champion to understand the mechanics of the of his oral and nasal cavities during the exercises he performs for equalisation of pressure when he dives to depths just over 100m. A novel real time MRI was able to capture oral cavity mechanics to study and improve his technique and teach other divers to excel in this niche sport. His fellow divers who weren’t able to master the equalisation techniques were also scanned to identify their short comings of their technique. Then they were able improve their equalization technique.  

This unique imaging method/giant microscope is at your fingertips and available for researchers. We are happy to discuss how this may be able to enhance your research and please email if you have any queries.

We also scan clinical examinations that are not bulk-billable such as MRI requests from GPs, physiotherapists and chiropractors. We are competitively priced compared to other MRI providers in the region and this supplements our income to keep this great not for profit facility available for research in the Hunter.

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