The University of Newcastle, Australia

Geodesy professor from NASA to Newcastle

Friday, 17 April 2015

Professor Shin-Chan Han, from the NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre, has been appointed to the School of Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment.

Shin-Chan Han

"With a keen interest in broadening geodetic research through university education and training, I recently joined the University of Newcastle as a professor in geodesy and surveying," says Prof. Han.

His research focus is on the analysis of space geodetic measurements and theoretical modeling of geophysical processes that govern mass distribution and transport within the Earth and the terrestrial planets.

Shin-Chan was educated originally in the field of Earth Science at the Seoul National University. He then completed his PhD and several years of research at The Ohio State University in the United States, a leading university that offers the most comprehensive program in geodesy and surveying in the USA.

In 2006, he accepted a position at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center to join space geodesy group. In 2012, he was promoted to a position equivalent to a tenured professorship in major US universities.

He is also a winner of various prestigious awards given by American Geophysical Union, by NASA Headquarter, by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, by US Department of the Interior, by the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping, by the Institute of Navigation, by the Ohio State University, and by the South Korean government.

"The UON surveying program has been contributing to the national and local community.

"I would like to see the program expand especially responding to growing demands on national infrastructure and on global Earth observation research."

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