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Dancing Robots Get Competitive

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Record numbers of Hunter region school students are showing an interest in computer programming, boosting participation in the recent 2014 Hunter Region RoboCup Junior Competition, hosted by the University of Newcastle.

RoboCup Junior is all about inspiring kids to think about robotics and artificial intelligence. It teaches them the logical framework and patience needed to solve engineering problems.

This year over 220 primary and secondary school students from 20 schools in the Hunter region took over the Forum to work collaboratively in teams and solve complex problems using Lego Mindstorm robots.

In the Rescue division teams programmed their robots to search for a tin can in peril and return it to safety. The Soccer Division was by far the most difficult for the budding programmers, allowing just one team to perform in a match on competition day.A team getting ready for their attempt at the rescue division.

Pairing technical skills with creative flair was the challenge in the Dance Division, where the robots were programmed to dance to hit songs.

The students designed their robots' costumes, with themes ranging from Pokémon to Superman. There was even a circus ringmaster with a petrified tightrope-walking robot!

The new Orica Award for Best Represented School also encouraged a focus on excellence in behaviour, teamwork and good sportsmanship. Thanks to Orica, award winners Kotara High School and are now the proud owners of a new LEGO EV3 Robot.

Below are the complete results from the day. Congratulations to all of the students and teachers who participated.

First place winners have the chance to move on to the state-level competition, which will be held at the University of Sydney on 28-29 August.


Primary Dance

  • 1st Dynamitoes from Hamilton South Public School
    • Members: Alexas Suckling, IndigoBeiboer, Breanna Beiboer, Lucy Dunlop
  • 2nd RoboManiacs from St Mary's School, North Sydney
    • Members: Jordan Parsons, SophiaSkarparis, Phoebe Ralston, Gianluca Della Picca, Harrison Wallace

Secondary Dance

  • 1st Year 7 Team from Central Coast Grammar School
    • Members: Jye Lobasso, Ollie Butcher
  • 2nd Team Eveelution from St Philip's Christian College, Waratah
    • Members: Niamh Martens, Ella Rose,Olivia Gorton
  • 3rd Disco Ducks from St Philip's Christian College, Port Stephens
    • Members: Yash Gurrum, GabrielleTipping, Caitlin Sharp

Secondary Theatre

  • 1st Go Mickey from Hunter School of Performing Arts
    • Members: Jasmine Phipps, Bridget Phipps
  • 2nd Scone High from Scone High School
    • Members: Chloe Flanagan, Grace Coombes,Amelia Meier


Junior Rescue

  • 1st Generic from St Philip's Christian College, Port Stephens
    • Members: Noah Davis, Thomas Vidler,Russell Hamlyn-Harris
  • 2nd Zero Gravity from St Philip's Christian College, Port Stephens
    • Members: Jed Starling, Riley Davis,Kyle Bowler, Joseph Kim
  • 3rd Raspberry Xpress from St Philip's Christian College, Port Stephens
    • Members: Alex Head, Hayden Glover, DeanSmallwood

Premier/Open Rescue

  • 1st SPCC Elite 4 SPCC Elite Four from St Philip's Christian College, Waratah
    • Members: Pramudith Perera, MasonMcCarlie
  • 2nd Tomas from St Philip's Christian College, Port Stephens
    • Members: Tom Miller, Mason Jennings


  • 1st KHS Rambo Soccer Team from Kotara High School
    • Members: Aidan Connaughton, Eden Wilson

Learn more about RoboCup Junior on the Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment's community outreach area of the website.

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