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UON Arts PhD selected for national festival

Monday, 11 January 2016

University of Newcastle (UON) Creative Arts PhD candidate Dale Collier is one of 15 artists selected for national festival SITUATE Arts Lab 2016.

UON PhD student selected for SITUATE 2016

The festival, which runs alongside MOFO (13 to 18 Jan 2016) in Hobart, supports outstanding early career artists and creative practitioners to develop new experimental artworks for the festival environment.

The 15 artists involved in the festival, including Collier, were selected from 230 applications following a rigorous selection process.

Collier is an an interdisciplinary arts activist who is dedicated to producing sustainable and equitable creative arts outcomes for integration in community events, public practice and civic duty. 

With an embracing approach to the utilisation of new media, performance, installation and interactivity, he endeavours to provide a platform for the amplified collective experience of participatory art. 

Collier's passion for interdisciplinary arts has been heavily influenced by the complex relationship between art and philosophy. He is intrigued by the different methods we can utilise in the production of a synergetic approach to the arts while working within community and cultural development.

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