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Fine Art Academic Shines in NYC Exhibit

Monday, 17 August 2015

Simone Rosenbauer:  Like Ice in the Sunshine

UON School of Creative Arts staff and international photographer Simone Rosenbauer is closing a successful exhibition at the Laurence Miller Gallery in New York City this week.

The exhibition was launched July 9th and will end on the 21st of August. This is the gallery's first one-person exhibition by Simone, featuring her latest series, Like Ice in the Sunshine.

In each piece of work, she features a popsicle centred on a different DayGlo coloured background, described as 'sugary pop confections that seduce with their heightened artificial colour, with all the components of commercial photography in place, literally dissolving before our eyes.' 

The gallery describes her latest series' single motif as depicting the visual essence, elusiveness and enticement of summer.

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