The University of Newcastle, Australia

Captain Cook and COVID

Thursday, 2 July 2020

This year Australia was set to observe the 250th anniversary of Cook and the arrival of the Endeavour in 1770 but the pandemic has disrupted this anniversary moment.

First Nations Curator, Dr Mariko Smith, and the University of Newcastle’s Professor John Maynard examine how Australian cultural exhibitions have responded to the anniversary in pandemic times.

Examining the connection between Lieutenant James Cook, colonisation and the Frontier Wars is part of their presentation hosted by Create NSW’s, The History Effect on 30 June 2020 and chaired by author, Dr Stephen Gapps.

Listen to Professor Maynard and Dr Smith discuss interpretation and story-telling that require the decolonisation of museums to properly understand histories of colonial dispossession.

Dr Stephen Gapps wearing hat and holding reportHead and shoulders photograph of Dr Mariko Smith smilingView photograph of Professor John Maynard speaking at a function

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