The University of Newcastle, Australia

Call for Notification of Intent for 2017 applications to ARC and NHMRC

Monday, 29 August 2016

Call for Notification of Intent for 2017 applications to ARC and NHMRC (for funding in 2018).

To maximise the Faculty’s success and reputation in the major nationally competitive grant schemes; to ensure that high quality proposals are submitted; and to allocate resources to support this effort, the Faculty of Education and Arts conducts a Notification of Intent (NOI) process each year.

Submission of an NOI is compulsory for all FEDUA staff and external Fellowship candidates intending to submit an application via the University of Newcastle in early 2017 for ARC DP, DECRA, and IN schemes and NHMRC Projects and Fellowship schemes.

There are two deadlines, depending on where the lead CI is based:

  1. The deadline for NOIs for proposals to be led by a FEDUA staff member or an external Fellowship to be hosted in FEDUA is Friday 30 September 2016.
  2. The deadline for NOIs for proposals that include a FEDUA staff member but are to be led by an investigator from another Faculty at UON or another institution is Monday 21 November 2016.

Please see the NOI form for further details and contact the Faculty Research Unit if you require any additional information.

Please note that an NOI is not required for the ARC LP or ARC LIEF schemes or NHMRC Partnership Program schemes, but due to their complex nature, applicants are expected to make early contact (>12 months in advance) with the Faculty Research Unit to discuss their application and arrange support.