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The President’s Forum: Challenging Ideas on Workplace Relations

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Prestigious panellists debate what makes for a productive workplace

Professor Mark Bray joined a prestigious group of panellists for The President's Forum, a collaboration between Macquarie University and the Industrial Relations Committee of NSW. The Forum, supported by the Justice Michael Walton, President of the NSW Industrial Relations Commission, was designed to develop unorthodox thinking about industrial and workplace relations and encourage fresh research in the field.

The forum was attended by a range of people from diverse industry backgrounds, including senior general managers, industrial relations specialists and human resource managers, labour lawyers, senior public servants and academics from Australia and overseas. Each panellist agreed that productive workplaces were absolutely vital, though general discussion during the forum demonstrated that there are major differences between the industrial parties in how productivity is best achieved within organisations.

Professor Bray praised the forum, declaring it "a valuable opportunity to share and debate these alternative prescriptions".

Learn more about Professor Bray at his Researcher Profile.

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