The University of Newcastle, Australia

Teaching Algorithms to Lawyers - a Webinar by Dr Khaled Dika

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

The Newcastle Law School welcomed Dr Khaled Dika from the University of Paris to discuss teaching algorithms to lawyers.

On Friday 3rd April 2020,  Newcastle Law School hosted a webinar presentation by international expert Dr Khaled Dika, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences of the University Sorbonne Paris Nord on 'Teaching Algorithms to Lawyers'.

Dr Dika teaches algorithmic modelling and coding to students in a Master's degree in law (Digital Activities Law, University of Sorbonne Paris Nord). His students will become judges and lawyers.

Khaled’s presentation considered why teaching and studying an algorithm course is fruitful for lawyers. He provided some examples of modelling/coding taught in the course and some projects done by the students. The presentation concluded with an open discussion about the relevance of a course on algorithms and the law for Australian lawyers and law students.  If you wish to watch the full presentation, please contact

A brief extract is shown here.


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