The University of Newcastle, Australia

International audience for Dr Marcus Rodrigs and his teaching methods

Monday, 7 September 2020

Dr Marcus Rodrigs presents his CR3 model to international academics

Dr Marcus Rodrigs

On Saturday September 5 Dr Marcus Rodrigs was invited to share their blended learning model, known as CR3, with a wide audience of senior academics as well as students. The event, hosted on the occasion of of '2020 Teachers Day" by the India Tibet Friendship Society (ITFS), gave the Newcastle Business School academic the opportunity to showcase their unique teaching method.

The CR3 method is a multi-step process. First the students watch a short video emphasising the concepts of a topic. Then the students are directed to relevant texts to revise the topic, after which they are directed to a test where they must reflect on the knowledge they've acquired. Finally the students come to their assigned teaching session where the academic works with them to reinforce the key learning they've acquired from the CR3 method.


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