The University of Newcastle, Australia

Graduates and Awardees in Manila

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Professor Mark Bray represented the Faculty of Business & Law and the University at the Australia Awards Scholarship GRANDuation in Manila in late May.


Every five years, the Philippines Australia Human Resource and Organisational Development Facility (PAHRODF), which is the body allocating the Australia Awards and supporting the awardees, holds this major ceremony to recognise the achievements of Filipinos who have studied at all Australian universities under an Australia Award (previously AUSAID scholarship).

The University of Newcastle had the single largest contingent of graduates: around 80 out of a total of around 500, with around 35 of the 80 from Newcastle having studied a MHRM with the Faculty of Business and Law.

The event is a graduation ceremony, with recognition certificates awarded by the Australian Ambassador to the Philippines, as well as local dignitaries and representatives from Australian universities, including Mark Bray.

Our graduates were delighted to engage with a representative from UoN, with many hands shaken and photos taken.

The graduates were particularly impressed by UoN purchasing a full-page advertisement in local newspapers congratulating graduates and naming every individual awardee. This was a great initiative, which left representatives from other Australian universities complaining about Newcastle's cleverness!

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