The University of Newcastle, Australia

Dr. Sidsel Grimstad Joins Centre for African Research Engagement and Partnership (CARE-P)

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

In March 2020, Dr. Sidsel Grimstad was invited to be part of the Executive Leadership Team for CARE-P.

The focus of the CARE-P is to lead and further enhance the global research capacity, academic excellence, social reputation and humanity of the University of Newcastle through engaging in sustainable and high impact research, teaching and professional consultancy with world class African universities, educational providers, governments and non-government partners.

Sidsel has extensive past work experience when she was employed by United Nation’s International Fund for Agricultural Development and the International Centre for Environment and Development Studies/Noragric at the University of Life Sciences Norway. She was responsible for supporting rural development projects in Sub Saharan Africa and institutional collaboration between several African Universities and the University of Life Sciences, Norway.

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