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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The establishment of UON Students in the Academic Division is now well underway with the recent appointment of a new leadership team.

The establishment of UON Students in the Academic Division is now well underway with the recent appointment of a new leadership team.

Since the Vice-Chancellor's approval of the Academic Division's Proposal for Change Paper on 14 August, progress has been made towards the implementation of the new UON Students structure.

UON Students will provide an integrated administrative unit covering areas such as coursework student admissions, student engagement and campus life, student equity and care (including health and counselling), student and academic administration and campus coordination.  It will subsume areas formerly known as Student and Academic Services, Equity and Diversity, Regional Campuses and Student Engagement (Work Integrated Learning support). It will also encompass  the Campus Life team from UoN Services and all of their activities as part of the UoN Students transition into the University from November 2014.

UON Students will offer exciting new opportunities for enhanced service delivery to students and academics in 2015, with the major emphasis to be on developing new ways of working to meet changes in the external and internal environments and stronger collaborative partnerships with Faculties and other administrative units across the University.

UON Students will play a key part in achieving the University's strategic objectives in 2015, particularly relating to providing an exceptional student experience. 

The leadership of UON Students team consists of:

        Ms Gail White – Director, UON Students
        Ms Linda Cooper - Associate Director, Campus Coordination
        Ms Jodie Davis - Associate Director, UniAccess
        Mr David Donnelly - Associate Director, Student & Academic Business
        Dr Susan Loomes - Associate Director, Engage U
        Dr Stephanie Brookman - Assistant Director, Health Professional Services
        Ms Belinda Munn - Assistant Director, Student Equity & Support
        Ms Kylie Ebert - Assistant Director, Service Improvement (Academic Division)

And the Senior Managers of UON Students are:
        Executive Officer Julia Rolph
        Senior Manager Access & Transition, Cheryl Burgess
        Senior Manager Admissions, Bree Slater
        Senior Manager Student Advice & Information, Mairtin Mag Uidhir
        Manager Student Advice & Hubs, Lauren Shield
        Senior Manager Student Life, Cathie Shanahan
        Senior Manager Student Processes, Bridene Doherty
        Senior Manager Academic Administration, Debbie Delbridge

Susan Loomes commenced her appointment on 20 October and brings significant higher education experience from past positions such as Campus Director for CQUniversity, Sydney.

With the leadership team in place, the transition to UON Students is gaining momentum through the placement of staff and internal selection processes in accordance with the University's EA provisions for organisational change. 
Despite the large scope of this organisational change, the change process is on track for UON Students positions to be filled by the end of November.

  • Gail White, Director UON Students
  • Phone: 02 4921 5313

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