The University of Newcastle, Australia

New Legal Office online portal launched through serviceUON

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Do you need to seek legal advice for the University? Obtaining information and advice from the UON Legal Office is about to get much easier, as the service moves to the ServiceUON portal.

University General Counsel Jennifer Flinn said, having seen the difference the portal has made to IT Services, the legal team is excited to be moving to ServiceUON.

"The platform offers a better experience for both our clients and for our team. With the help of our IT Services team, we have built the first online portal for legal services in the higher education sector in Australia," Jennifer said.

The Legal Office portal will improve the service offering for staff with:

  • an online interface for obtaining information and making requests for legal advice
  • where new legal matters are opened, staff will have the ability to track progress more easily
  • automated workflow and approval processes so that managers will be aware of legal requests and advice being provided to their schools/units
  • better access to legal precedents and knowledge articles, to assist staff with common enquiries and to enable self-service where appropriate
  • the ability to provide and receive timely feedback or questions on requests for advice
  • pointers to finding information about insurance, delegations, and privacy related questions
  • improved version control and security (compared to email).

The Legal Office email address will no longer be monitored for internal communications. Please log all requests for legal advice through the new serviceUON portal.

For further information regarding engaging the Legal Office, please see the Engaging the Legal Office.

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