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MyUON enabling easier access

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Launched earlier this year, the myUON Student platform offers a portable gateway to the most commonly used systems and information sources important to students.

MyUON Research

In the eight months since myUON Student went live, nearly 40,000 UON students have logged on more than 4.5 million times with over 16 million interactions on app and web based versions.

Bachelor of Science Graduate (2018) Sheridan McLuckie has found myUON Student very useful.

"It's great to have everything in one place and not have to remember URLs or what system to use for what purpose. I can access my timetable on the way to class to check which room we are in and even get directions. When the lecturer mentions how to answer an assessment I can add notes through OneDrive.

“After class I can use my time more efficiently and find a PC nearby, or I can even print documents on the way to my next tutorial. All from myUON Student. I could even change majors, order a transcript, and apply for a scholarship,” Sheridan said.

In collaboration with students, the evolution of myUON Student has already begun with the first round of enhancements released in September. The updated version includes increased functionality with the inclusion of HDR Student information and a myUON Ideas feature where students can submit their myUON ideas and vote on entries from their peers.

“The myUON Student project has been driven from a user need perspective which has allowed us to deliver a flexible solution that works for students,” Associate Director Channel Services, Ann Walters said.

“The uptake indicates we are absolutely on the right track and it’s great to see new ideas and suggestions coming through the portal.”

Following on from the success of myUON Student, IT Services is launching myUON Research in December. The research version is being designed with UON researchers to enable more efficient connections with UON systems, people, and processes. Just like myUON Student, it is simple to use and can be personalised to suit user need.

“We are excited to be able to offer UON researchers an easier and more transparent way to manage their research activities all in one location” Director Research and Innovation, Dr Paula Jones said.

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