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A safer UON is the AIMS

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Reporting hazards and near misses to reduce injuries is now even easier with the introduction of ‘AIMS’, the new All Incident Management System, which launches today.

AIMS replaces the current Injury Management System (IMS) and has more functionality in terms of reporting, workflow, capturing information and producing reports.

“The new system is in response to feedback from staff that the IMS is limiting and unreliable,” Associate Director Health and Safety, Dr Maggie Goldie said.

“AIMS will enable staff to enter an incident easily and ensure the right people are notified, progress is tracked and the Health and Safety team is able to run reports relevant to each area of the University.”

AIMS has also been configured to report environmental incidents and hazards including leaks, spills and other pollution incidents which can harm the environment.

“We all have a duty to report pollution incidents for environmental compliance purposes and to reduce the risk of harm” Environmental Manager, Daan Schiebaan said.

Since 2014, staff have made the University a safer place to work, study and visit.

“Between 2014 and 2017 reporting of hazards and near misses increased by 31% which has helped the University to reduce injuries to our staff by 72 per cent since 2015,” Maggie said.

AIMS demonstrates UON’s commitment to continuous improvement and supports our strategic objective of being the safest and healthiest university in Australia.

To log an incident, visit

Find more information through the AIMS self paced training modules, now available in Discover.

Image is based on The Heinrich Triangle.

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