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SECRETS & SANITY | Newcastle Art Space

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Secrets & Sanity by Megan McCarthy will be held at the Newcastle Art Space from 19 July - 14 August 2019. Please join the artist for the exhibition opening Friday 19 July from 6pm.


Megan McCarthy

19 July - 14 August 2019

Contemporary western society has led to domestic isolation. No longer is your aunt living two doors down, your mother three streets away and your cousin around the corner. In our pursuit of independence and wealth, we have isolated ourselves from the village.

The sculptures in this exhibition represent the feelings of isolation in a domestic world. By combining the traditional feminine fabrics of lace & crochet with the creative notion of the empty dress and contradicting this with the masculine material of cement, these works provide a visual image of a mental state.

Using shared fabrics from a collective of women, the prints in this exhibition represent the effects and benefits of the village, a cohesive group formed to protect and support each other. A quilt to sooth and comfort.

Opening night 6pm Friday 19 July 2019

Newcastle Art Space

91 Chinchen Street

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