New Scholarship For Indigenous Law Students

Monday, 14 September 2020

A new scholarship to help Indigenous students realise their ambition to study law has been launched thanks to the generous support of the Newcastle Bar Association.

New Scholarship for Indigenous Law Students
New Scholarship for Indigenous Law Students

The scholarship will offset some of the challenges and financial burden of studying law full-time, as well as offering an invaluable opportunity to be mentored by a local barrister. The scholarship is targeted at 4th and 5th year students studying a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) or a Juris Doctor program, with the overall aim of increasing the number of Indigenous barristers practising at the New South Wales Bar.

Scholarships like these show genuine commitment to changing the cultural make-up of the legal profession through promoting the inclusion of Indigenous peoples."

Lucy Nichols

Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Laws (Honours)
Newcastle Bar Association Indigenous Law Scholarship recipient

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