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Meet the Team - Nathan Hawkins

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Meet Nathan Hawkins (B Arts (Psychology) 2002, Development Manager

Nathan Hawkins, Development Manager

My job, in a nutshell

Help people create an impact in their community by giving through the University of Newcastle.

Favourite part of the job

Without a doubt the best part of my job is meeting extraordinary people. I have the daily pleasure of working with exceptional researchers and academics. However, even more inspiring to me are the stories shared by our supporters. I have the honour of getting to know donors and it is always fascinating to hear their personal motivation to give to the region through our University.

One day I'd love to

Snowboard on every continent.

I'm inspired by

The Australian landscape. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting extraordinary places around the world but I haven’t found anything that compares to an outback sunset.

My friends and family would describe me as

A master of the Dad joke! What’s big and yellow and can’t swim? A bulldozer!

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