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Meet the Team - Leanne Innes

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Meet Leanne, Development Co-ordinator (Scholarships and Prizes).

Leanne Innes, Development Coordinator (Scholarships and Prizes)

My Job, in a Nutshell

I work with individuals and businesses in the community to set up scholarships and prizes funded through donations and sponsorships to benefit our students.

Favourite Part of the Job

Working with people and organisations who know how transformative education can be. I’m inspired by their willingness to help students who may not otherwise have the opportunity to follow their dreams.

One day I'd love to...

fly a jet pack.

I'm inspired by...

The little guy who gives.

My friends and family would describe me as:

Adventurous, compassionate and positive. I like to get things done.

Want to know more about helping students achieve their potential?

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