The University of Newcastle, Australia

April 2019

Community and Alumni • 29 Apr 2019

Gender Balance in Awards

There is a stark gender imbalance in awards and industry recognitions. What are the causes and how can we fix it?

Faculty of Education and Arts • 26 Apr 2019

Podcast from the School of Humanities and Social Science – The Human Experience

The School of Humanities and Social Science (HASS) has launched a new podcast known as ‘The Human Experience’.

Book a Librarian

Library • 26 Apr 2019

Book a Librarian

Need some extra help? Book a Librarian.

News • 18 Apr 2019

Researchers to remediate PFAS contamination with hemp seed proteins

University of Newcastle researchers are on track to create a solution to per-and poly- fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) contamination, in a project that could benefit the Williamtown community and countless other sites across the world.

News • 18 Apr 2019

Aboriginal mothers in prison face poorer health outcomes

The health needs of Aboriginal mothers in Australian prisons are not being met, according to a new study released today.

Community and Alumni • 17 Apr 2019

Call for urgent support of University domestic violence survivors

This year, the first Helen Maslen Scholarship was offered to support University of Newcastle students who are survivors of domestic violence. After 34 harrowing applications flooded in for one scholarship, an urgent call for support has been raised.

News • 17 Apr 2019

Early flu season prompts launch of innovative tracking system

Flu activity is already in full swing with influenza rates estimated to be two to three times higher than normal in Australia, prompting the annual online health surveillance system, FluTracking, to launch early this year.

Professor Penny Jane Burke

Research Award Winners • 15 Apr 2019

Research team to develop an International Literature Review on Equity in Higher Education

A research team from University of Newcastle and University of Melbourne have been awarded a grant from the Australian Department of Education and Training, under the HEPPP National Priority Pool scheme, to develop an International Literature Review on Equity in Higher Education. This work will be a significant asset for the Australian field of Equity in Higher Education.