The University of Newcastle, Australia

September 2013

The Conversation

The Conversation • 30 Sep 2013

Health Check: does processed meat cause bowel cancer?

By Clare Collins.Each year around 14,400 Australians are diagnosed with bowel (colon and rectal) cancer. It's the second most common newly diagnosed cancer after lung cancer and claims around 3,980 lives a year.

News • 27 Sep 2013

New Creative Visionary

World class futurist and Hollywood A-lister to spearhead creative research and innovation clusters at University of Newcastle

Students in science lab

News • 27 Sep 2013

Investing in Teaching

Newcastle academics win $2.2 million to enhance maths and science teaching

The Conversation

The Conversation • 26 Sep 2013

A Vice-Chancellor’s defence of the uncapped university system

By Caroline McMillen.As the new government settles in, there has been heated speculation around major changes to the higher education system. Education minister Christopher Pyne's comments to the media have raised questions across the sector about the Coalition's vision for universities in Australia.

Tristan Perez with his invention

News • 25 Sep 2013

New Vehicle Technology

Technology that treads danger to save lives

• 25 Sep 2013

Investing in UON's leaders

During the last six weeks we have survived a presidential-style election characterised by a relentless focus on the strengths and personal flaws of our political leaders, rather than on the strengths and flaws of their respective policy platforms.

Open Innovation 2.0

News • 24 Sep 2013

Open Innovation 2.0

Win your way into the world of big business at DiG

Female using asthma medication

News • 24 Sep 2013

Asthma Research

Babies benefit from better asthma management for mums

Recording studio

News • 23 Sep 2013

Music Forum - Recording

A special panel on all things recording – and how to get heard

Black Cockatoo in flight

News • 23 Sep 2013

Cockatoo Conservation

Breakthrough technology saves iconic Black Cockatoos

Student with laptop computer

News • 23 Sep 2013

Online Courses

New courses transform worldwide learning

DiG Festival

News • 18 Sep 2013

DiG Festival

The University of Newcastle is a Platinum Sponsor and Official Innovation Partner of the inaugural 2013 Design, Interactive Technology & Greentech (DiG) Festival, to be held in Newcastle from 3-4 October 2013.