The University of Newcastle, Australia

As the world grows more complex and interconnected, so do our problems. Associate Professor Ruth Reynolds believes the key to tackling those big problems is empowering students and teachers to become active, engaged global citizens

To help them get there, Ruth focuses on increasing their intercultural understanding, inspiring them to collaborate across borders, cultures, and technologies.

For 21st century living, we need to learn with other people and about other people."

Ruth’s study abroad program gives students the opportunity to teach in China, with an innovative twist. Fostering an intercultural dialogue, the students also observe and learn from the techniques of Chinese teachers, incorporating their feedback into their own teaching methods.

Ruth’s work also seeks to provide children with a new view on the world beyond their own. One of her programs enables schoolchildren in Port Macquarie to build friendships with Chinese students across the ocean, while another teaches basic geography to expand their cultural horizons.

It's all about giving primary school-aged children a chance to collaborate and participate and engage with the world."

But for Ruth’s students of all ages, the impact of her work goes beyond academic theory. She gives them the tools to open their minds, hearts, and eyes to a world of new.

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