The University of Newcastle, Australia

New is a challenger with purpose. Professor of Management Daniel Nyberg shines a light on how corporations could be doing more to fight climate change—a crisis to which they themselves contribute.

Daniel believes to make real progress, we need to look beyond corporate solutions.

The politics of climate change prevent the radical changes needed to address climate change,” says Daniel. “My research brings new and alternative forms of organizing to address the greatest challenge we are facing.”

Often, he finds himself playing the role of asking the questions no one else is asking, interrogating the status quo. Teaching Management and Organisational Studies at the University of Newcastle, Daniel hopes to inspire this challenger spirit in his students. His classes give students an opportunity to develop innovative perspectives on this complex global issue.

In 2015, Daniel and colleague Christopher Wright co-authored a ground-breaking book Climate Change, Capitalism, and Corporations (2015, Cambridge University Press). Daniel and Christopher looked at media reports, examined policy statements, and conducted interviews with over 70 senior managers from major corporations. The results of their exhaustive research will give industrial leaders, policymakers, and activists the tools to create true change.

It’s curious, tenacious thinkers like Daniel the world needs now. In Australia alone, deadly bushfires, high sea-level storms, heatwaves and more are threatening our homes and our lives. It’s a familiar story all over the globe. But inspired by those who listen, care, and work for positive change, Daniel has hope for the future.

I’m motivated by the willingness of people I meet to engage with climate change, to learn about the situation we are in, and support change.”

Professor Daniel Nyberg

Professor Daniel Nyberg

Professor of Management at Newcastle Business School

My research brings new and alternative forms of organizing to address the greatest challenge we are facing.

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