The University of Newcastle, Australia

New is taking local sport research to the global stage. For Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science graduate Tye McGann, more than 15 years as a basketballer is being put into practice through his PhD studies.

Tye’s post-graduate study in biomechanics looks at the demands placed on the body during a basketball game, and quantifies the effects of fatigue on the player.

Funded by General Electric and National Basketball Association Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Collaboration, he is breaking new ground in GPS data research to make a global impact.

The information and data that I collect has to be sent overseas so they can read and approve it before it goes out for publication.

My end goal is to help athletes stay injury free by fixing running mechanics and making coaches aware how important recovery is based on game demands.”

Through his research, coaches are gaining access to information and data that has previously been near impossible to get – giving them an edge when it comes to coaching, player development and injury management.

But Tye’s goals are set much higher than just Australian shores.

Being part of an internationally funded grant from the NBA and GE Healthcare gives me the opportunity to spread my research overseas. Not only will it help our national level athletes in Australia, but it can potentially assist professional athletes in other countries too.”

Even though his research is focused on national athletes, Tye hasn’t forgotten the need to make a local impact.

His study and sporting experience is making a difference in the community – integrating the two to develop a business alongside his research.

Triple Double Performance aims to help local junior athletes develop correct movement patterns and decrease the risks of early onset injuries by giving them the knowledge and understanding about training.

It’s extremely exciting to see what I am doing being used and applied straight away. That is what I want to do – help athletes as much as I can to get them to the best of their ability. It’s great to see that action in real-time.

For Tye, the opportunity to change someone’s life for the better – whether it be a little or a lot – is motivation enough for him to aim high.

Tye McGann

Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science graduate, PhD student

Being part of an internationally funded grant from the NBA and GE Healthcare gives me the opportunity to spread my research overseas.

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