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Orientation is happening now!

Whether you study on campus or online, Orientation is a great opportunity to find out what you need to know about university life and being a UON student.

Plan your Orientation schedule by selecting your campus of study below.

Callaghan and Newcastle

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What is Orientation?

Orientation is your chance to come to campus and learn about what you need to do to start uni life on the right foot. You will have a chance to meet people from your course, including some of your teachers, take a tour of campus and learn about the different services and programs here to support you.

Why should I attend?

It’s great to be prepared

The sessions at Orientation give you some key information about starting your Semester right. You will hear advice from other students, and from your teaching staff about how you can prepare for uni life before you start and during your first weeks.

Meet people in the same boat

Starting uni can be daunting, so it helps to have a buddy along the way. There are loads of chances to meet other people in the same situation; it might even be as simple as saying hi to the person sitting next to you in the Welcome Session. There are lots of clubs and societies on display as well so you can find something that suits your interest or even learn something new.

Find your way around

Our campuses are big, so Orientation is a great time to take a campus tour and work out where you need to be so you can ease those first day jitters. You can also check out the libraries to find out more about using the library on campus.

Is it compulsory to attend?

Orientation is strongly recommended as we know it makes a big difference in getting you prepared for uni life. It’s a good idea to book time off work if you can.

What can I expect at Orientation?

You can build out your schedule using the Orientation planner. Make sure you attend the Welcome Session. This is where you will hear about success at uni, and hear from other students about their advice on studying at UON. You can ask questions in this session about anything that might be on your mind. You will also have a session just about your degree program, where you  will meet others studying the same thing as you and hear about the specifics of your studies. This is another great place to ask questions.

You will get some food, and be able to do a tour of campus if you’d like and select some other workshops and activities specific to your Faculty.

There are lots of fun things happening around campus too, with clubs and societies showcasing the great things they offer. You can take a wander around and see what extra-curricular things you might like to get involved in while you’re at UON.

It’s a fun and informative day, with lots of people in bright blue shirts all over campus to help you work out where you need to be and when.

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