The University of Newcastle, Australia

Postgraduate Orientation

Missed Orientation?

The following online sessions will help you find and navigate through support available at UON and outline the
importance of balance while studying.

Please note it is strongly recommended you access the sessions via Google Chrome for the best experience.

Online Orientation Session

Using Online Systems and Finding Support

This session will demonstrate the key areas of the website that you will need to access as a student. You will also have a demonstration of where to ask questions online and where to find support.

Library Systems

While studying with UON you will make great use of the library systems and databases for your research and assessment items. This session will demonstrate the range of online tools the library has and how to navigate the library system.

Time Management – A Student's Perspective

Hear from a current UON student for tips on balancing work, study and family life to help you make the adjustments needed for your success at UON.