The University of Newcastle, Australia


Professor Ravi Naidu and his team are making drinking water safe in Bangladesh.

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The world needs new

The promise of a brighter future lies in solutions that defy barriers and challenge conventions. Our world-class research drives the kind of innovation that transforms industries, empowers communities and improves lives.

See how the University of Newcastle is making an impact on our world.

New asks what others don't

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New powers a better tomorrow

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New gives him a voice

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New turns a sea sponge into a solution

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New brings life to the virtual world

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New captures the imagination

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New clears contaminants

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New changes stroke outcomes

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New needs you

New needs your curiosity, your passion, your optimism. It needs those who are excitedly entrepreneurial and those eager to have impact. To do good things, to make good things, invent good things. It needs those who are on the verge of breaking through, and who dream of shaping a brighter future for all.

See how our students are bringing new to the world.


New doesn’t just happen. It takes the right people to chase it. Just like our students, who’ve each brought new into our world.

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New Connects

Daisy is finding new opportunities in accounting and finance

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New Builds

Lily is designing for social justice through architecture

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New Creates

Liam’s entrepreneurial spirit has led to a new fashion business

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New Illuminates

Thandi’s work in communications is empowering change

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New Speaks Out

Irini is enabling positive social change through community services

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New Engages

James is giving kids new skills in computing and technology

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New Enhances

Mikahlia is bringing dynamic new perspectives to education

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New Progresses

Eric’s engineering projects find new ways to safeguard our lives

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New Changes Lives

Kate is educating and advocating for basic health and medical services globally

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New Champions

Elise is pursuing law to be a voice for justice and equality

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New Motivates

Nathan is forging new career paths in science and the environment

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New Sings Out

Jacob is inspiring the next generation of voices in our society

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New Advances

Tye’s Central Coast based research is finding new dimensions in sports science

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New Perseveres

Daniel completed Open Foundation and is now unlocking new opportunities in business

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