Open Access

Open Access is the immediate, free of charge, online access to research articles. Users are able to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search for and link to the full text of open access articles. Open access research articles can be made available via archives, repositories and open access journals. Visit the Library’s Open Access guide to find out more.

The Library will be hosting a variety of sessions and discussions virtually for Open Access Week 2021.

Services and Support for Open Access

The Library provides a range of services and support for Open Access. These are:

  • Information and Advice
    We provide advice on Open Access publishing, open access journals (including author processing charges) and open access resources.
  • Open Access Self-Archiving into the NOVA Open Access Repository
    Assistance to make your publications Open Access. The Library provides a service for authors to self-archive a copy of any peer-reviewed manuscripts (Final Accepted Version) into the University’s institutional open access repository, NOVA. Publisher versions can sometimes also be archived in the repository dependent on the relevant copyright ownership and permissions.  Library staff also provide assistance with checking copyright permissions, on behalf of the author. Contact us for more information.
  • ARC and NHMRC Open Access Policies
    Support to meet the requirements of the ARC and NHMRC Open Access Policies. The ARC and NHMRC require that any publication arising from their supported research projects must be deposited into an open access institutional repository and/or made available in another open access format within twelve months from the date of publication. Read the ARC Open Access Policy and the NHMRC Open Access Policy. Contact us for assistance. ARC and NHMRC compliance flowchart
  • Hosting online Open Access journals
    The Library hosts the Open Journal System (OJS) which provides online automated workflows for author submission, publishing and peer reviews, and journal publishing.  The Library provides services and support for journal editors to host and manage their open access journal at the University of Newcastle. Find out more or contact us.
    Assistance with registering for an ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) and linking an ORCID to University of Newcastle affiliation. Find out more.
  • Open Data
    Publishing datasets that underpin your publication.  The Library provides services to enable you to publish datasets, including supplementary data to support your publication. The Library also provides a permanent URL link for any dataset published. In addition to publishing datasets the Library can also assist with data management plans and planning.  Read more on managing and publishing data, or contact us for assistance.
  • F.A.I.R Access Policy Statement
    The F.A.I.R Access Policy Statement ensures all Australian publicly funded research outputs will be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable. Find out more.

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